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Collaborative & Collegial Teaching

At UTS I have collaborated with colleagues in a number of teaching areas.

Collaborative & Collegial Teaching: About

Cultures of Globalisation

First year core subject in the Bachelor of Global Studies

I have developed excellent team-teaching skills in Cultures of Globalisation where I team-teach a mass seminar with two other lecturers/tutors.

Week 9 Lecture - Indigenous Responses to Cultural Globalisation

Download lecture slides of team teaching activities related with the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Collaborative & Collegial Teaching: Files

Contemporary Europe

Collaborative Teaching Module in Contemporary Society

As subject coordinator of Contemporary Spain I have been an active member of the FIS/Contemporary Society working group where I have collaborated with colleagues in cognate Contemporary Europe subjects on assessment and content. I have contributed to curricular and educational innovation, including to maximise student innovation by pitching to make use of UTS’s new large collaborative classrooms for the segment of the subject Contemporary Europe.

Large Collaborative Classroom Pitch

Download the slide for the pitch for the use of UTS's new large collaborative classrooms.

Collaborative & Collegial Teaching: Files

Spanish Language & Culture

Collaboration & Collegiality

I contribute to the creation of resources of functional grammar in Spanish Language and Culture 1 and also contribute making to audio-visual resources that ensure students receive quality blended learning resources.

Functional Grammar handout

Spanish Language & Culture 1

Download a sample of a functional grammar handout I created for Spanish Language & Culture 1

Video Resources

Speaking Skills

Click on the link below to watch a video demonstrating to students how to present themselves to each other

Collaborative & Collegial Teaching: Files
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