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Embedding Core Competencies

Embedding Core Competencies: About

Contemporary Spain

Reflective Learning Journal

  • The subject redesign of Contemporary Spain includes a Reflective Learning Journal that will also be incorporated into other Contemporary Society subjects, including Contemporary Canada (Quebec).   

  • I was awarded a Teaching & Learning grant of $2000 for the creation of teaching resources, able to be shared across cognate subjects, to assist students of Contemporary Society to write “compact reflections” of 250 words. I led a small team of casual academic staff members to create resources that will be used for the first time in Spring 2019.

Click on samples of the resources created to engage students in their learning.

Embedding Core Competencies: Text

Foundations in International Studies

Essay Support

  • Communicating expectations to students

  • Supporting students in scoping their topic

  • Advising students on how to integrate concepts into their writing

  • Guiding students on how to incorporate evidence to support their argument

Embedding Core Competencies: Text
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