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Research Inspired Teaching

Spanish Studies in the Classroom

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Contemporary Spain

Embedding las dos Españas into the curriculum

My research on las dos Españas (the two Spains) and economic crisis in Spain has been incorporated into the curriculum of the subject Contemporary Spain. See samples of lecture slides below where my research is used to put current issues into a relevant context for students. 

Week 11 Lecture

Economic Crisis

Download an example of a lecture in the subject Contemporary Spain where I incorporate my research on the Spanish economic crisis

Week 12 Lecture

The Future of Spain?

Download an example of a lecture in the subject Contemporary Spain where I incorporate my research on crisis and place in contemporary Spain

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Curriculum Development

In my role as subject coordinator of Contemporary Spain (2018-19) I have:

  • provided extensive feedback on my course, including strategies for improvement (i.e. syllabus design, delivery strategies, and integration of innovative tools and technologies).

  • curated online resources each weekly topic (audio-visual and websites)

  • collaborated with colleagues in the FIS/Contemporary Society working group

  • organised and supported tutors

  • revamped the UTSOnline page

  • updated the readings and subject outline

  • ordered new resources with UTS library and liaised with library personnel

  • created new assessment tasks

  • implemented moderation of marks with tutors

  • created tutorial activities

Student satisfaction with the subject was high: SFS score of 4.55/5.0. Qualitative feedback was also positive:

“I really liked the wide variety of content that was made available to us and the way in which it was delivered. I enjoyed learning a lot about Spain, even more than I had expected to! I now feel somewhat prepared and educated going into ICS.” (SFS, Contemporary Spain 2018)

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Undergraduate Research Supervision

In-Country Study

I have been supervising UTS students undertaking the In-Country Studies (ICS) program in Spain, Chile and Argentina since 2016. As the program entails research supervision of undergraduate students, it is unique and requires a specific pedagogical approach, of which I already have extensive knowledge and considerable experience.

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Facilitating the next generation of scholars

My success as an ICS teacher is based on:

  • Adapting to the learning needs of individual students, as each student not only utilises different methodologies but is also situated in different academic disciplines.

  • Supporting students in identifying and refining their research topics and choosing the methodologies for their modules.

  • Advising students on how to best manage their workloads at their host university and UTS.

  • Providing formative feedback throughout the session to ensure relevant assignments are scaffolded coherently and form a solid foundation for their final project. I always provide specific examples about what students have done well and where they can improve.

  • Utilising technologies such as Zoom to do distance teaching for students who need extra attention.

My teaching evaluations in the In-Country Study program prove that students have been extremely satisfied with my supervision of their research. Student satisfaction with my supervision has ranged from 4.45 to 5.0 out of 5.0. Selected comments from students include:

The help and guidance from Nick Manganas is exceptional. His responses are very quick and informative. […] Without the guidance of Nick, I would have been significantly more stressed out and most likely would not have done as well as I have done so far.

                        SFS, Spring 2018 (Chile)

Nick has been an incredible mentor and supervisor throughout this year! His responses to emails are extremely quick and full of information that I am sure took him a lot of time to think about and write. He has been so helpful with whatever doubts or queries I’ve had and he has always gotten me back on a path. Thank you Nick for your constant support!

                        SFS, Spring 2018 (Argentina)

[…] I have not yet had the privilege of meeting Mr Manganas in person, but I still feel like he deeply cares about my personal emotional well-being […] (always offering great advice) and that he really wants me to do well in this subject, as exemplified by the comprehensive, specific and accurate critiques of my work throughout the year. Whenever I need him, he is there, and always very helpful.

                        SFS, Spring 2017 (Argentina)

Feedback on my supervision from the subject or major coordinators has always been positive as can be evidenced by the following excerpt from my Autumn Semester 2017 report:

“Nick is an excellent academic supervisor who mentored and motivated our students to do their best. I know that students valued his dedication and his professionalism.”

                        Dr. Elena Sheldon (Acting Spain Major Coordinator)

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