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"The year in Granada and the freedom the course gave me, but also the wisdom and support you gave me, to choose a research topic that truly suited my interests has had a profound impact on me. I even spoke about the experience of choosing a research topic in Spain and landing on Energy Poverty in my job interview. So I really just wanted to highlight my appreciation for your support as my tutor in Spain and let you know it made a big impact. I have been extremely fortunate to not only learn the field I want to work in while in Spain, but also to have the research experience to back up my interest and land a job in the government policy space straight out of university."

(Student, In-Country Study Spain, 2021)

"I have just submitted my essay and wanted to just thank you for the semester, it was great learning about the history of globalization and your enthusiasm for the subject really inspired me and got me to pay attention to subject matter which previously hasn't really captured my attention. Good luck going forward and hopefully I'll see you next session" (Student, Globalisation in Historical Perspective, Autumn 2019)

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